Collage doesn’t have to mean paper and glue! You can combine all sorts of found objects and photograph them to create amazing fantasy worlds. Today in the AWESOME Arts Club we’ll be creating fanciful and unique landscapes out of natural materials. ⁠

STEP ONE: Raid your garden, your living room and your fridge for plants and scraps you can use to create your fantasy world. Make sure you get permission before you pick any flowers out of the garden. ⁠

STEP TWO: Experiment with arranging your items on a blank page to create a place for someone or something to live.⁠

STEP THREE: Who do you think lives here? Is it something that already exists or something you are inventing now? Draw what they look like.⁠

STEP FOUR: Add your fantasy creature drawings to your landscape.⁠

STEP FIVE: Take a picture of the fantasy world you have just created to share with us.⁠

STEP SIX: Return all your items back to where they came from.⁠