Koolbardi wer Wardong

West Australian Opera presents Koolbardi wer Wardong a Wesfarmers Arts Commission in association with the 2021 AWESOME Festival.

Aliwa yeyi! (look out now!) Feathers will fly in this cautionary tale.

Koolbardi the Magpie and Wardong the Crow are two very proud, vain, jealous brothers. Watch as their cunning, their rivalry and one-upmanship brings them unstuck in spectacular fashion.

Set on Noongar Boodja (the south west corner of Western Australia), we invite you to join us for a journey back to the Nyittiny, the time of Creation, where love, loyalty, betrayal and jealousy are all stretched to their limits. Because pride always comes before the fall.

Award winning songwriters and story tellers, Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse weave magic in a world first, brought to life under the deft direction of Matt Reuben James Ward. Experience the incredible beauty of the language of this land, as this production promises to delight audiences of all ages.

Peter and The Wolf

West Australian Ballet and the 2021 AWESOME Festival Present Peter and The Wolf.

This is the tale of Peter and The Wolf.

Grandmother warns Peter not to go beyond the garden gate because of lurking wolves. But when he does and a wolf appears, Peter must work with his other animal friends to catch the scary creature! This specially adapted fairy tale is the perfect way for young children (and their grown-ups!) to discover the magic of ballet.

11am Daily, Perth Cultural Centre Outdoor Stage, James Street Amphitheatre.

This performance is FREE! No tickets needed.

Blinky Bill is on the Loose!

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Blinky Bill is on the Loose!

Cheeky and courageous Koala, Blinky Bill is a truly iconic Australian character. Join Blinky Bill as he goes on a mighty adventure and meets many magical new friends including Professor Wombat, Angelina Wallaby, Lady Beatrice Bandicoot, Bobbin the Bilby and Go-Go Goanna. There are 10 delightful original songs which will have the whole family humming and toe-tapping all the way back home to their very own gumtree.


The 2021 AWESOME Festival and WA Youth Theatre Company present ARCO Jr.

Adam Kelly is in his words, an Autistic Gentleman. Finbar is a fish. Adam and Finbar think that asking someone what it feels like to live with autism is pretty much like asking a fish if it knows it’s in water, which is pretty funny if you think about it.

Arco is Adam Kelly’s FRINGEWORLD award-wining show about just that, living with autism. Or in Finbar the fish’s case, living in water.

Arco takes a heartfelt look at the life and struggles of someone trying to make connections with the people and world around them. Along the way he asks gently of his audience to consider life from his perspective and encourages them to take a moment to get things off their chest.

Join us as Adam and Finbar dance, draw, fly and joke their way into our hearts once more in this second iteration of a Perth favourite.


The 2021 AWESOME Festival and Windmill Theatre Company present Hiccup!

A rocking, outback adventure to find the great hiccup cure.

It’s a perfect, balmy night in the outback. A sleep-deprived camper, a cheeky quokka and an emu with a penchant for creating wild inventions awake to discover that a koala has come down with a stubborn, ear-shatteringly loud case of the hiccups.

The three embark on an epic journey through the night that sees them frantically eat, sing and invent their way towards a cure before the sun comes up.

Hiccup! is a hilarious rocking musical extravaganza about working together, finding friendship and how to, once and for all, stop the hiccups. 

Indigo Sand

The 2021 AWESOME Festival and Sandpiper Productions Present Indigo Sand

Stories that give breath to the elements.

Come and immerse yourself in a sea of stories that will ebb and flow around you with intrigue, whimsy and magic. Listen to the tender heart of Tua the whale, the absurd conversation of the three raindrops and wonder at the ancient mysteries of seals and selkies.

These delightful traditional and original tales are performed with an evocative mix of storytelling, puppetry, acoustic music and visual imagery that will leave you with a taste of salt on your lips and a yearning for more.

Let go and float on the incoming tide with Jenny Hill and Sandy McKendrick.

Let’s get Lit(erate) Gameshow

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Let’s get Lit(erate) Gameshow.

Come along and watch some of Perth’s best authors, illustrators and improvisors compete for the top spot of Lit-Master in a live gameshow, hosted by Luke Joseph Ryan. Join author/illustrator James Foley, Librarian/comedian Josh Earl, improvisor and tallest man in Perth Sam Longley, author/illustrator Kelly Canby and two young literature enthusiasts as they compete in a series of literature themed games.

Cloud Nine

The Giovanni Consort

Join the Giovanni Consort, Western Australia’s professional chamber choir, as they escort you through a musical shadowland filled with lullaby, soundscape and dreaming. Shrouded in darkness, prepare to be transported to a realm of hushed tones, shimmering vocals and calm relaxation under the expert guidance of some of Perth’s finest singers.

Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood

Wind Quintet Plus

While creeping through the bushland on the hunt for something tasty to eat, Wolf stumbles upon Grandma’s cottage — but this particular Grandma is full of surprises. Wolf had better watch out, because Little Red Riding Hood might just have a trick up her sleeve!
Wind Quintet Plus are joined by narrator Melissa Priemus for this energetic and engaging performance of this classic fairy tale reimagined in the Australian bush.

African Dance workshop with Isaac Adebisi

Isaac’s fun-tastic Afro Dance class will bring energy to children in a mood-boosting session. You will learn popular African dances like Gwara in South Africa to Tanzania’s Kanyaga. This workshop is a journey that allows participants to experience dance through energy and movement.

Anthropomorphism Illustration with James Foley

‘An-thro-po-morph-ism’ (noun): giving human characteristics to something that isn’t human, e.g. drawing a duck playing the bagpipes, or a pig driving a bulldozer, or a flamingo that’s the president.
Join local author/illustrator James Foley for a wild and wacky drawing workshop, where you’ll learn how to draw your own anthropomorphic animal characters.

3D Painting with Nathan Hoyle

Mix and match colours, shapes and sizes as you paint and assemble your unique artwork. You’ll be using spray paint, stencils, wood, glue and your own ideas as you make your painting, which will become a bright and beautiful masterpiece for you to take home.

Australian Critters Bunting Workshop with Vanessa Lombardo

Create your own bunting featuring amazing Australian Critters in this hands-on workshop.

From learning how to use a foam printing plate to printing onto printing their designs onto rainbow bunting, be part of the process from beginning to end! You will get to take home your own rainbow Australian Critter Bunting to hang up at home!

Acting 101 with Elouise Martin

Dive into the awesome world of Acting with Elouise. From creating a character and choosing a scene, to learning how to get up and perform like a superstar. Participants will leave this fun workshop feeling energised, after experiencing adventure through acting.

Relief Paper Sculptures with Holly Pepper

Through this workshop the participants will gain an understanding of the benefits of conceptualising ideas and modelling sculptural forms from paper. This hands-on workshop will enable students to develop relief paper sculptures by creating repetitive shapes with paper and hot glue guns.

The Art of Clowning Workshop with Hardey McMurrick

What does it take to be a clown? Crazy clothes? Being funny? Being silly? Well all of this and so much more! In “The Art of Clowning” kids will discover how to play like a clown, how to create funny characters, the classic clown roles and how they relate to each other, how to perform a clown routine and even how to create one!

Owl Tote Fabric Printing Workshop with Nicola Cowie

Join award winning artist Nicola Cowie to print a cotton tote bag with your own carved linocut stamp.

Nicola is a professional printmaker who will show you how to safely carve a rubber block and how to use it as a fabric stamp. Linocut blocks will be pre-drawn with one of Nicola’s owl designs

Exploring repeat pattern and printing techniques which you can continue with at home using your stamp on t-shirts and cards to match your new bag.

Model Magic Memories Workshop with Addam

Create an artwork that is bursting out of the frame in an explosion of vibrant colour.
Come squish, smoosh and roll your clay magic to create a bold, bright artwork which is framed and ready to display.
Use your imagination to tell a visual story to recreate a special moment, an experience or a feeling, with this delightfully tactile medium. Bring a Frame 20×20 or smaller to get started.

Encyclopedia Postcard Workshop with Claire Davenhall

Using world book encyclopedia’s and your imagination, create a collage of a world you want to escape to, or a place you want to escape from. Turn your collage into a postcard and share its story in the form of an imagined experience written to your future or past self!

Backyard Bugs with Helen Milroy

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Backyard Bugs with Helen Milroy

Join author Helen Milroy on a creepy crawly fantastical look at the bugs found in our very own backyard. Come explore an exhibition of Helen’s art work, and listen to a live reading of her lovely new book Backyard Bugs, a Picture book for little ones to learn all about bugs. Build your own bug to add to the backyard after the reading.

Sensory Storytime

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Sensory Storytime with Sensorium Theatre

Sensorium Theatre’s Sensory Storytelling provides children with disability and/or access needs and their families with a multi-sensory reading of their favourite stories and rhymes.

Through music and sensory play, everyone participates in these interactive sessions.

Where do the Stars Go? With Katie Stewart.

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Where do the Stars go? with Katie Stewart

Ever wondered what happens to the stars during the daytime? So did Possum and his friends. Join WA-author Katie Stewart for an intimate live reading of her new Novel Where do the Stars go? A playful story about curiosity and the world around us. Followed by a guided treasure hunt for your very own star.

Meet the Author: Meg McKinlay

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Meet the Author with Meg McKinlay.

Do you love night time voyages on the ocean, unexpected but perfect presents and your family? So do Bella and her restless house. Come along with your grandparent to meet author Meg McKinlay as she talks with Luke Kerridge about her new book Bella and the Voyaging House. Followed by an exclusive guided session where you can create your own travelling house adventure.

Free entry for all grandparents. 

Beneath the Trees with Cristy Burne

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Beneath the Trees with Cristy Burne

Science, nature and creativity often go hand in hand. This session will be sure to give you the best of all worlds, and the ability to turn anything you’ve learnt or are yet to learn into something creative and fun. Come along as local WA Author Cristy Burne talks about her new book Beneath the Trees, a squishy, slime filled look at what it means to be responsible while lost in a rainforest.

Shine with Ruth de Vos

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Shine with Ruth de Vos

It’s the little moments that help a family SHINE. Bubs are invited to bring along their families for a live reading of SHINE, a warm-hearted look at family life. Followed by a guided illustration and colouring experience with Illustrator Ruth de Vos.

Ask Me Anything!

As part of the State Library of Western Australia’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas, the 2021 AWESOME Festival presents Ask Me Anything!

We’ve invited some of our local leaders to join us at the State Library of WA to answer your burning questions. Join Patrick Gorman MP, Federal Member for Perth, Sandy Anghie, Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Perth, Professor Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of Western Australia,  and Professor Helen Milroy, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, State Recipient, Australian of the Year, in this special panel event.

If you are under 12 years old and you have a question that you’d like to ask, feel free to send it to us via: https://bit.ly/AMAQuestion

If your question is selected, you’ll be our special guest at this event!

This event is FREE! Bookings are needed.

Florette, A Garden of Green

Florette by Anna Walker shares the adventures of Mae, who moves from the country to the city. Mae misses the apple trees and daffodils – until she discovers a beautiful place of green in the centre of the city.

Explore Mae’s garden in a creative installation developed with Anna Walker. Look for the frogs among the leaves, add to the wall of greenery, and nestle among the flowers for a story. Help create art and stories in a leafy forest.

Visit the Story Place Gallery (Mezzanine Floor) to see original watercolour artwork from Florette the picture book.

Anna Walker is the award-winning author and illustrator of Florette, Mr Huff, Lottie and Walter and Hello Jimmy!

This FREE exhibition will be running in the State Library of Western Australia Ground Floor Gallery and Story Place Gallery from Tuesday 27th September 2021 – 16th January 2022. Check the State Library of Western Australia for daily opening times.

Graff My Train

Christopher Hummel is a 19-year-old emerging artist from Perth’s Northern suburbs. Chris loves to virtually travel and ‘go on holidays in my head’ where he visits and admires different trains and their graffiti.
Chris’ works will be on display through an exhibition in the Studio Underground Foyer for the duration of the 2021 AWESOME Festival as the 2021 Artist in Residency.
Dates & Times: Tuesday 28th September – Saturday 2nd October, 10:00am – 3:00pm daily
Venue: Studio Underground Foyer, State Theatre Centre of Western Australia
This exhibition is FREE!

Teeny Tiny Stevies

The Teeny Tiny Stevies have done the impossible: created music that keeps children entertained and doesn’t drive parents crazy!

Join the much-loved Aussie band as they sing through a bunch of family favourites and songs from their ARIA award-winning album ‘Thoughtful Songs for Little People’, this show will be fun for the whole family!

Due to current border closures, the 2021 AWESOME Festival Season of the Teeny Tiny Stevies has been postponed to April 2022. Tickets for the new dates available via booking link below.

2021 AWESOME Festival Closing Party 

Perth Symphony Orchestra

Featuring Summer from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Popular songs arranged for Orchestra, and various works from children’s films, the Perth Symphony Orchestra brings home the 2021 Awesome Festival in a performance to delight the entire family. Known for its rule breaking attitude, unique energy, and ability to surprise and delight, prepare for the unexpected. Experience orchestral music like you’ve never heard it before. Bring your kids, bring your parents, or even bring your entire street for a magical orchestral experience like no other.

This event is FREE!

Saturday, 2nd October 2021, 2:15pm 

Perth Cultural Centre Stage, James Street Amphitheatre

FREE Public Art Tours

Join our AWESOME Festival tour guide Alan for an adventure to discover some of the most exciting and interesting public art in our city. Little and big people alike are sure to love going on this art hunt!

This event is FREE! Registrations are required.

Sax to the Max presented by Phone Co.

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Sax to the Max with Phone Co.

Have you ever seen a dozen saxophones in one place?
Join us for some great family fun with Phone.Co where you’ll experience some VERY cool sounds, meet the instruments and groove to some of your favourite songs.
A fantastic show for the whole family. Phone.Co is a lively 12 piece saxophone ensemble led by Matt Styles and comprised of some of Perth’s most exciting Saxophonists.

Free Pop-Up Activities!

The AWESOME Festival is well known for its range of exciting and delighting pop-up activities/ You’re sure to be surprised each day with a range of activities to discover, create and explore. Featuring the famous ‘Crafty nannas’ these activities are the perfect way to release some creativity. Keep your eyes peeled for these activities all over the festival!

These free activities run in the Perth Cultural Centre daily from 9:30am – 2:30pm.

The Story Circle with Alton Walley

Come along and join Noongar author and storyteller Alton Walley in a free live story performance.

Yonga and Waitch tells the story of two friends, Yonga the Kangaroo and Waitch the Emu. Two animals of the Australian bushland that were dealt different hands in life. Their friendship is put to the test when one of them grows weary of their circumstances and plots a devious plan.

This event is FREE! No tickets needed.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 29th September, 10:30am

Location: Undercroft Circle, WA Musem Boola Bardip.

The Story Circle with Mararo Wangai and Mahamudo Selimane


Join the circle as performer and storyteller Mararo Wangai takes you on a soulful journey with a re-telling of an African folk tale inspired by renowned Nigerian write Chinua Achebe. Accompanied by Mahamudo Selimane, for a performative storytelling session like no other.

This Performance is FREE! No tickets needed.

Date & Time: Thursday 30th Sept, 10:30am

Location: Undercroft Circle, WA Museum Boola Bardip

The Story Circle with Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (SMV)

Come join our story circle, a free live storytelling performance for the whole family to enjoy. Sit and listen as SMV guides you on a journey with their performative story telling using dance, music and narration.

Date & Time: Friday, 1st October, 10:30am

Location: Undercroft Circle, WA Museum Boola Bardip

Story Time Takeover with Alton Walley


Come and listen to WA Author Alton Walley read his stories for young people, full of culture, heart and some cheeky Australian animals. Expect to hear about Yonga the Kangaroo and Waitch the Emu and their friendships or Norn the snake and the bushland animals.

This event is FREE! No tickets needed.

Date & Time: Thursday 30th Sept, 10:30am

Loctaion: The Story Place, State Library of Western Australia

Story Time Takeover with Erik the Book Buddy

Erik the Book Buddy dog needs your help to read some of his favourite stories. Join Erik and his handler in a fun, relaxed session where children get a one-on-one session to read out loud to Erik, and together, they can become confident readers with a love for stories.

Erik will be available for a meet and greet prior to kicking off the one-on-one sessions.

This event is FREE! No tickets needed.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 28th Sept, 9:30am – 12:00pm (20 min story time, followed by one-on-one sessions)

Location: The Story Place, State Library of Western Australia

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