Creation Creation

Windmill Theatre Company (SA)
Ages 8+

A daring and audacious journey to the very edge of the universe and back again. It’s a wild theatrical experiment for the curious among us.

How did we get here? Are aliens real? And is it possible to lick your elbow?

Based on interviews with members of the South Australian community aged between 8-102, Creation Creation is a comedy about life’s biggest mysteries.

Two fearless creators have been asked to step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools they have at their disposal. Blankets become forts, cardboard boxes become battleships and ping pong balls become planets in this hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

Please Note: Some of the big questions tackled during this show, raised and then answered by the general public children and adults we interviewed, include; ‘how did the world begin?’, ’is there other life in the universe?’, ‘how are babies made?’, ‘what does dying feel like?’, and ‘what will life on earth be like in 1,000 years?’. These questions and answers are played out by our performers in gentle, moving and fun ways. Viewer discretion is advised, viewer curiosity is recommended.

All performances of Creation Creation are AUSLAN interpreted.

Teeny Tiny Stevies

All ages

ARIA Award Winning Children’s Artist, Teeny Tiny Stevies are heading out on the road for their most comprehensive National Album Tour to date! 

Fresh off the back of their brand-new album How to be Creative the band will be touring in both regional & capital cities of Australia throughout the July & September/October school holidays.

Performing a mix of fan favourites and brand-new material from their new album, the band will be leaving no stone un-unturned. How to be Creative is a ten-song masterclass in embracing the creative urge, overcoming self-doubt, trying new things, learning from mistakes, working with others, and the superpower that is perseverance.

Dreams of a Lonely Planet

Flying Bicycle Collective (WA)
Ages 6+

Where a friend might be waiting.

Boy, our hero, yearns to escape. Out there, on a planet far away, he can finally be left alone. Follow him to the moon and go fishing for stars in this enchanting serenade for the young and young at heart. Hear stories from the blanket fort, told through dance, shadow puppetry and starry-eyed adventures. In a surreal kaleidoscope of whimsical vignettes, dreams of finding a place to belong swell and burst like bubbles, saturated with colour, and filled with hope.

WASO’s Fairytale Ball

West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WA)
Ages 3+

Witches, Wizards, Princes, Fairies – rejoice!

Once upon a time, magical creatures of all sorts gathered together for a Fairytale Ball. Now princes, princesses and the whole family are invited to join WASO for a marvelous musical adventure! Conductor Jessica Gethin will read from an enchanted storybook and take the orchestra through fantasy favourites for the whole family. Don your dress-ups and dance along to spellbinding scores in this storybook spectacular.

Program to include:

Sergei PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet: Dance of the Knights
John WILLIAMS Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter
Engelbert HUMPERDINCK Hansel & Gretel: Witches’ Ride
Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY The Nutcracker: Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy

Presented in association with the 2022 AWESOME Festival. Conceived by Jessica Gethin in association with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Human. Kind.

Josh Earl (VIC)
Ages 4+

Josh Earl is a human. He is also a comedian. And he would also like people to think he is kind. In this brand new show for children he would like you to meet some aliens who just want ice cream, a boy who just will not wash, and learn why hearts are like starfish and absolutely not like pizza.

We often ask kids what they want to be when they grow up and expect them to give occupational answers – doctor, teacher, footballer. What if we aspire for them to be happy, kind, empathetic, resilient, or creative?

Human. Kind. is a musical comedy storytelling show for children all about navigating their way through this big, sometimes overwhelming, world.

Our Little Inventor

West Australian Opera (WA)
Ages 8+

Our Little Inventor tells the story of Nell, a young girl from the countryside who creates a machine to fix the pollution that is choking the big city. Despite her excitement at showing off her invention, the people in charge do not share her enthusiasm to save their environment.

This is a tale for people of all ages to share together, incorporating gentle humour that touches upon themes of climate change, resilience, perseverance, and the importance of family and friends.

Inspired by the book ‘Our Little Inventor’ by Sher Rill Ng, published by Allen and Unwin Publishers, 2019.

West Australian Opera presents Our Little Inventor in association with the 2022 AWESOME Festival, West Australian Young Voices and Western Australian Youth Orchestra.


Trick of the Light Theatre (NZ)
Ages 8+

A lo-fi wi-fi fable. 

It’s 1998. Otto is twelve but online he’s thirteen and he’s pretty sure he gets away with it. He lives with his mum, dad, and sister, a mysterious Icelandic granny, and an ancient malevolent troll that’s lurking in the walls. From Trick of the Light Theatre comes a lo-fi wi-fi fable. Tröll combines storytelling, projection, music and puppetry into an uncanny tale from the dial up age.

Written and performed by Ralph McCubbin Howell, directed by Charlotte Bradley and Hannah Smith, this darkly comic one-man show brings the innovative staging and intricate narrative that enchanted audiences with The Bookbinder into the digital world.

As mobile phones become light sources, laptops transform into skyscrapers, and charger cords morph into puppets, it tells a story both mythic and modern in the vein of Stranger Things.

Please Note: Contains themes of bullying

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