Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge is AWESOME’s core education program. AWESOME recruits a team of amazing, professional artists to undertake a one or two-week residency within a partner school or community. The artists facilitate process driven, creative workshops, based on a theme, with a select group of participants. The workshops require the participants undertake research, conceptual development and creation of an artwork, or artworks which celebrate their unique identity and the community in which they live.


Every year the Creative Challenge Program is broadly underpinned by a theme. In 2024 our theme is Heart.

In 2024 we want Western Australian children to listen to their hearts; to embrace empathy, connect with the world around them, and share kindness.

Creative Challenge celebrates the imaginative power of young people. We ask children, what fills your heart with joy? What connects you to your community? How do you share with and learn from your peers?  And why is having “heart” so important?

In 2023 we’re asking West Australian children to plant seeds for the future. Bloom asks what conditions do we need to innovate, grow, and thrive. And asks how do we cultivate the right environment to make change.

Creative Challenge celebrates the imaginative power of young people and extends an invitation to flourish, expand, and bloom.

Regional Creative Challenge Residencies


Creative Challenge conducts residencies across the Pilbara, Kimberly, Mid-West, Gascoyne, Goldfields- Esperance, Great Southern and South West regions of Western Australia. AWESOME Arts visits everywhere from bustling regional hubs, to the most remote communities in WA.

If your school or community group would like to know more about the Creative Challenge please email [email protected]

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