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Creative learning activities for children aged 0 – 12

On this page, you’ll find a selection of evidenced based play ideas for children aged 0 – 5 and, WA curriculum linked teaching resources for children aged 6 – 12. The arts not only ignites young imaginations, but it can also be fundamental in childhood development and teaches young people skills such as problem solving and critical thinking! We’ll be adding extra activities to this page throughout the year, so don’t forget to check back in.

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Understanding Perspective

Download the PDF here 1) Using a pencil and a ruler draw a horizon line in the middle of your page , a small x in the middle of the horizon to use as a vanishing point. 2) Using a pencil and a ruler draw 2 lines intersecting at your vanishing point to use as your...

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Making an Emotions Mask + Template

Download the PDF here Materials - Mask template photocopied on to A3 card - Scissors - Sharp lead pencil - Selection of various colours of card (at least 4-6 different colours) - push pins/ split pins 1) Using your scissors, carefully cut out the different shapes from...

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Interview with an Artwork

Download the PDF here Sometimes we don’t understand an artwork, or a performance completely the first time we interact with it. You need to ask yourself and the artwork a few questions along the way to fully appreciate it. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a little...

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Creating an Optical Illusion

Download the PDF here Materials - 2x A4 Paper - 1x A3 Paper - Scissors - Glue - Craft Materials (we used markers) 1) Get into pairs and each create a separate picture on an A4 piece of paper angled in a portrait direction. Your pictures should be completely different...

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Creating a 3D Illusion

Download the PDF here Materials - Paper - Pencil - Ruler - Coloured markers - Mug 1) Using a pencil,trace around your hand and the bottom of a mug so that you have a circle on the page. 2) Using your ruler trace straight lines across the page avoiding the traced hand...

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Create Your Own Story Cubes + Symbols

Download the PDF here 1) Copy 4 story cube templates and cut out along the straight lines (You can simplify this activity by separating into a group of 4 and making once dice each) 2) Select your favourite 24 Story cube symbols from your completed worksheet and draw...

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