Do you know what season we are in? Djeran is the Nyoongar season of April and May when the cooler weather begins. Typically, Djeran means cooler nights, red flowering gums, and bright pink and orange sunsets. Today we’ll be writing acrostic poems inspired by the season. ⁠

STEP ONE: An acrostic poem uses the first letter of each line to spell a word or phrase down the page. Consider what word you would like to spell in your acrostic poem inspired by the season of Djeran. You can research more about the season here.

STEP TWO: Write the word you have selected vertically down the page. ⁠

STEP THREE: Now you’ll write your poem inspired by Djeran. Select an adjective (describing word) or noun (thing) for each letter at the start of each line. ⁠

STEP FOUR: Decorate your poem with pictures of the describing words you used. ⁠