Have a look at your fingertips and see all the different swirls. That is your very own unique finger print. No two are the same! Today we’ll use our unique finger prints to make art. ⁠

STEP ONE: Cover your finger tips and thumb tips with non-toxic ink or paint. Create finger prints on the page by firmly pressing your finger down to the page and releasing. Experiment with different types of ink and paint to try to get the perfect print on the page. Can you see all your swirls?⁠

STEP TWO: How can you use your fingerprints to create the body of different farm animals? Consider the size and shape of the fingers you are using to make the prints. What colours do you want to use to make your farmyard animals? ⁠

STEP THREE: Leave your prints to dry. Don’t forget to wash your hands!⁠

STEP FOUR: Once your prints are completely dry. Use a marker, pen, or crayon to draw the details of your animal. What personality do they have? What sounds do they make? Can you add a text box with the noises they make?⁠