Download the PDF here

– Mask template photocopied on to A3 card
– Scissors
– Sharp lead pencil
– Selection of various colours of card (at least 4-6 different colours)
– push pins/ split pins

1) Using your scissors, carefully cut out the different shapes from your template. You will be tracing round these items later so try to make the cutting as smooth as possible.

2) Select what colours you would like each facial feature to be from your card. You have 2 eyes and 2 eyebrows, however,these features don’t necessarily need to match colours. Trace around each item you cut out from the template.

3) Cut out each of your mask elements. Using your sharp pencil, poke a hole in the centre of each of your facial features (Eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth). Line up where you would like to place each feature on the face and poke a hole into the face.

4) Insert your push pins through the holes in your features and through the correct hole in the face. Flip your mask over and split the pins to keep the shapes secure. To construct your eyes layer eye part1 on the bottom, eye part 2, and eye part 3 on top. Push your split pin through and attach to the face

Use your emotions mask to explore the different ways you can express yourself. See if you can recreate the facial expressions from your own face in the mask and if you can copy expressions from the mask yourself,too. Discuss when you would display these different emotions, and what you would call them