Did you know that you can make music out of things in your bin? Percussion is music you make by hitting objects (or yourself) with your hands or another object. Today we’ll be experimenting with rhythm and composing percussion songs out of things you can find in your home. ⁠

STEP ONE: Search your home for recyclable tins, boxes, containers, and packaging. What does it sound like if you give it a tap with your hand? Does it make a difference if the containers are hollow (with nothing inside) or have items inside when you give them a tap?⁠

STEP TWO: Lay out your collection of items in front of you and compare the different types of noises you can make with them. Experiment by tapping with your hands, tapping with a kitchen utensil, and tapping your objects together. What different sounds do hear? Are they deep, are they loud, are they high pitched? What sounds do you like?⁠

STEP THREE: Now experiment with the speed of your taps. What does it sound like to make a very slow beat, and then speed the rhythm up? Count at a steady pace and see what happens when you change the pattern. ⁠

STEP FOUR: Now that you know what sounds you like, combine them into your own composition. Film your musical creation and share with your friends and family!⁠