Sometimes it can be hard to know how to start an artwork. Why not start with a mistake? Putting something unexpected on the page makes it easier to get started and get creative. Today we’ll be doodling around tea stains and creating something imaginative out of mistakes. ⁠

STEP ONE: Brew some very strong tea. You can do this by putting very little hot water in your mug with your tea bag and leaving it to steep for half an hour (or more). If you’re worried about wastage, you can make an ordinary cup of tea to drink, and use that teabag again to create your art brew.⁠

STEP TWO: Once your tea is nice and strong, experiment with dropping, splodging and flicking your teabag onto a piece of paper until you create some interesting stains.⁠

STEP THREE: Leave your page to dry anywhere sunny. If you want, you can repeat step two and three several times to create layered tea stains. ⁠

STEP FOUR: Use your favourite art supplies to decorate the page however you would like within and around the stains on the page. Consider, do you want to draw on the stains or around them? Do you see any shapes or figures in the stains on your page? How would you like to highlight them? Will you draw something that exists in the world or have fun exploring patterns and shapes?⁠