Have you ever tried to draw someone from every angle all at once? Pablo Picasso was a famous painter who helped start the cubist movement. Cubism aimed to show portraits from lots of different viewpoints in a flat image. Because of this he often painted pictures of people using bright colours with rearranged faces and unusual proportions that don’t look like real people at all. ⁠

STEP ONE: Find someone to draw or paint. ⁠

STEP TWO: Break the face down into several main features (e.g. head, eyes, mouth, nose cheeks). Practice drawing these features from different angles and in different styles (e.g. from above, from below, looking from different sides). ⁠

STEP THREE: Pick your favourite styles and experiment with arranging them together to make a face. Remember, it doesn’t need to look like a traditional face at all, what does it look like to put the eyes where the chin would go, and a nose where the ear would usually go? ⁠

STEP FOUR: Colour your portrait in. Try using some interesting colours to make your image vibrant and exciting.⁠