STEP ONE: Listen to “Gopher Mambo” by Yma Sumac ( Doodle, squiggle and draw shapes and lines around your page as you listen to the song. Does the music inspire long thick lines, thin jagged zig zags, curly pathways, or a combination of everything?

STEP TWO: Look at your drawing, what shapes can you see?

STEP THREE: Pick out three shapes you can see in your drawing. Try to create them with your body from your head down to your toes. How would you pose spikily? How would you pose smoothly? Don’t forget your facial expression!

STEP FOUR: If you were to add movement to the poses what would you do? Would you move slowly and lightly? Would you move heavily and quickly? Lots of little movements or one big long gesture? Experiment until you find something that you like.

STEP FIVE: Piece your poses and your movements together to create a dance. Play “Gopher Mambo” again and perform your dance. You can experiment with different songs and music to create more choreography. Happy dancing!