Poetry is a careful selection of words to make the reader imagine something or feel a certain way. Today we’ll be writing short poems about what we can see from our windows using the 5 senses and our imaginations. ⁠

STEP ONE: Look out your window and select FOUR things to write a poem about.⁠

STEP TWO: Come up with adjectives (describing words) for each of the five senses to add to the following template:⁠
You can use singe words or expand into a sentence if you would like. If you’re not sure how something tastes or smells use your imagination. Even if you haven’t eaten a cactus, how do you think it might taste? There are no wrong answers. ⁠

STEP THREE: Write the template and your adjectives onto a piece of paper. You have just written a Poem! ⁠

STEP FOUR: Decorate your poems however you would like.⁠